It have a Dell D3000 CPU. I installed a secondary samsung SP0802N hard drive. I thought the problem stemmed from the new speakers i purchased but after troubleshooting i discovered that the problem only occurs with the adding of the additional HD. The speed is slow when i try to open files/folders. But the main problem is that i have distorted sound when i try to play a mpeg/avi movie or MP3/CD. There is also a lag when clicking the back button(along with a distorted sound) while exploring the content in My Computer.

Trouble shooting.
Replaced the speakers with new ones.
Complete Up to date Virus scan.
Did a complete system restore with additional HD(SP0802N) unattached.
Afterwards the problem was fixed.

Problem occured again with attachment of HD(SP0802N)

What I need to know!
Is the added HD Corrupt?
I would like to backup some of the files b4 reformating(if need b)
Can those files be saved or are they corrupt also?


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Are you sure you installed the hard drive correctly? A hard drive cable installed upside-down can contribute to a big loss in speed, though the drive will work.

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