I have a Gateway tablet laptop computer which starts up but just after the Gateway screen to choose either F2 or F10 the computer just seems to die. I have tried to start it with a bootable knoppix cd with no success. I also created a bootable usb flash disk and it will not boot up with it either.

I have let it sit for a while with no response from the laptop. My son plugged in the power cord to it and about ten minutes later the computer died. I do not really know how long the laptop was plugged in but this is what he says. Also the power cord was already plugged into the wall outlet before the cord was plugged into the laptop. Could this have created some kind of short?

This computer has had a new motherboard replaced in it just this summer under warranty because the motherboard failed.

Thank you for the help.


Try reset the Bios.

If the CD cannot boot the computer, seems the mainboard is faulty again.

Try unplug the AC adapter and the battery, holding down the power button over 15 seconds to discharge and reset the laptop.

Hope this helps!