I recently bought a refurbished Maxtor DiamondMax 11 and it totally sucked so I returned it. It made sandpaper noises. So then I figured I can't go wrong with a brand new Seagate Barracuda 500 gigger but was I ever wrong. It works ok until it actually has to transfer data, then it falters due to a bug in the firmware. I used to think Maxtor and Seagate were top of the line but evidently not so. Why is it so hard to get a hard drive that performs SMOOTHLY and SILENTLY like it's supposed to? I can't find any good thorough reviews and comparisons on the web so I'm turning to Daniweb for the answer. You guys always have good input based on your experiences and I know this thread will get everybody arguing about hard drives so let's get the party started. I will start by throwing out a few names.. Samsung? WD? Fujitsu? Hitachi?

Samsung i think.

Had bad experiences with hitatchi and fujitsu.

Samsung would be the last try since I tried a WD Caviar and I'm returning it today - it was louder than the barracuda. What if I tried a smaller drive with less platters, like a 320 instead of 500 - think that would make a difference? The one drive I had that was totally silent was a WD external drive that was 120gb so maybe less is quieter. I just don't want to hear ticking sounds, is that too much to ask?

I just don't want to hear ticking sounds, is that too much to ask?