Hi there!

I'm kinna new in all this stuff but i'll try to do my best!

I have a Toshiba Tecra M1 Laptop and i wanted to exchange my current DVD drive for an slime DVD Writer. The writer is an official one from Toshiba but i didn't buy it in an official Toshiba shop or center.

Before placing the order i checked with the Official Toshiba Storage Hot Line, and told me i'd have no problem with the mentined drive and so forth. They told be though, I'd have some problems wiht the "jumper" talking in desktop terms. but they had an easy solution for that, saying that with a little piece of soft they'd send me by email, everything would be ok...!

Alright, I place the order, get the package in 3 days, exchange drives, and surprise! I get this IDE #1 ERROR!!!!!!!!!

Awaitting to get this miraculous software they are suposed to send me, is there something i can do¿?¿? the problem is that i don't get windows to recognize the drive, and i do not know why!!!!

a need a hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'd wait for their software to arrive first of all, but in the mean time:

Is there anything more to the "IDE #1" error you mention? Giving us as much specific and exact information as possible up front will allow us help you most quickly.

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