can somebody helping me, i have a hp pavilion dv6500 lcd screen went blank.but it works with external monitor i therefore suspect the lcd screen is faulty.i have replaced the lcd screen,display inverter and screen cable, still have not resolved the issue.i now intend to replace the system board as well.i just want to know are there any complications after replacing the motherboard ? eg, BIOS, CHIPSET and WINDOW operating system.
i am not very good at computering at,but i am very good at following instruction.

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Well a lot of things can be tried before you go ahead & replace the motherboard..

Lid switch problem?

I'm having the exact same issue with mine :( its soooo frustrating! The screen worked for a little while but flickered from bright to dim and then went black. When I start the computer the screen was lit up until I got to the login screen and it blacked out again. When I look closely at the screen I can see everything but its extremely hard to see. Also I had my computer for little over a year and the DVD drive stopped working. The green light on it blinks occassionally but it wont do anything with cd's/dvd's you put in it. Please help!

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