Please would you explain these to me:-

Item #1:
£185 PC, mains lead, keyboard, mouse, desk stand
NG280G PC with XP Home
Connexions:6 USB, HDMI, RJ45, mic, headphones
HxWXD 192x36x192 mm
Does it have a screen or not?
Can it drive an external screen thar needs VGA?

Item 2:
Eee Box PC
£199 ee box, mains lead, keyboard, mouse, VESA Bracket
HXWXD 178x16x223 mm
Is this a thing to hang on the back of a flat screen display?

Item 3:
Fit Turbo Micro PC
Windows, or Linux or neither
Consumes 5 watts (to do what?)
Hardware video acceler H.264, MPEG. VC!,WMV9
DVI digital op to 1920x1080 HDMI connector
HxWxD 27x101x115 mm
Does it have a screen?
Will it drive monitor LGW43SB widescreen 1920x1080 21" ?
How can they hope to sell anything at all?

Many thanks
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Perhaps it would be better to provide links to the pages you saw these items.

It you have question about the products give them a ring, after all if they want a sale they should tell you what you want to know.

From what I understand I think these are base units with mouse & keyboard.