Hello all on Daniweb
I have come to ask is my mobo dead
I have a fair knowledge on pc building but this is just tearin me up ...the other day I decided to build a new pc out of parts that I have in the cupboard , namely , a Athlon x2 3600 a ECS skt 939 mobo 2 sticks of value select 512 mb corsair ram .... 2x cd/dvd drives and a Hitachi HD oh , and a Radeon graphics card ... I know ALL these parts are working , as I have individually tested them all and the most of it is my last PC .....anyhow .......mobo processor and ram ...boot up and are visible on the BIOS screen ......as soon as I plug a drive in and try to boot it wont come on ....AND I KNOW for definite all 3 IDE drives work ,,, the only clue I seem to be getting is, when I boot up the mobo ram and proc ....it says ...CHECKSUM ERROR ...loading defaults ....after some googling I decided to try a new BIOS battery ...it has made no difference .. I have looked at all the jumper settings etc .. tryed one stick of ram ... and NOTHING .... it won't even save the BIOS settings .. when I press f10 save it just goes dead ..... cmon guys whattya reckon ... THE BIN ?

It could be an issue with the battery module rather than the individual battery itself. I'd RMA the motherboard under a manufacturers fault to the store you purchased it from. If you purchased it within the UK then you have 30 days to return the item from the date of purchase (if delivered) in accordance to the DSR.

thanks for the reply , but it's an old ish mobo from before my recent upgrade ...so can't rma it

Aha, well in that case there isn't much of the board. Definitely sounds like the CMOS / Battery though.

it seems so bloody wrong to have to bin the mobo , but Im beginning to think ,(after 2 days of messing around with it ) that this is a job for the B . I ..N :'(

When you boot, POST checks everything and compares with the CMOS. A checksum error usually means that CMOS is not in a state of grace and it should be shirted to clear it and then BIOS can repopulate it.

If that's not the problem, diagnosing at this distance from what you say, it may be that the checksum error lies with the MBR which is bootstrapped in by the BIOS. You can fix this by booting from a Windows disk in repair console and running FIXMBR.

Difficult at a distance.