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Computer Generated movie like in Final Fantasy where the scene cuts from regualr game play to a movie there the character look real
and in the matrix when the peopel are flying or bullets flying at them those are CGs


I'm pretty sure the matrix was rendered on a Silicon Image server cluster.

Bullet time effects can be made with Adobe After Effects- if you know how to use the effects properly.

I do professional video editing, so if ya need more details, don't hesitate to reply.


Ok , I was just wondering what are the programs used to make GC movies like in Final Fantasy and the Matrix Reloaded?

Some of the software used includes Alias|Wavefront Maya (free for personal use); Blender, which is just plain free; LightWave 3D, which Dale Myers just used to re-create the Kennedy assassination for ABC News (and earlier to develop and model the animated M&Ms); and CinePaint (open-source and formerly FilmGIMP), used to blend it all with live action. There are others, of course.

Companies like Pixar and Weta Digital use a lot of software developed in-house, mixed with commercial and free.


ok what programs is used to turn regular pictures into 3D or Cg characters?

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