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I am having problems with a DVD RW drive on my Medion PC bought from Aldi 04/04/03, in the UK every time I put a DVD RW or R disc into the drive it just keeps clicking, and will not load.

Its a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-105 1.21 do I need an upgrade on this drive, I have looked through Google but could,nt find much on Pioneer the aim is to try and copy a DVD, can copy CD's OK.

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Are you using the correct type of media for the drive? For example, are you trying to use DVD+R media whilst the drive only accepts DVD-R media?

Thanks for the advice the DVD-R worked I managed to copy the DVD from my hard drive to the DVD-R. But it would not recognize it in my seperate DVD player?.

when you wrote it to dvd did you write it in media or data form. whats the name of ur burner software

I wrote in media in Nero 5.5

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