XFX GeFORCE 9800 GT graphic card can perform with any old VGA monitor as it's got a
special DVI port in it's pack. Are there any other Graphic Card which can do the same? I mean
If any ATI or whatelse does so,Please leave a reply with a complete expalnation about that Graphic Card.

Hey, guys who use XFX GeFORCE 9800 GT? What about the performance?Is something worse?

I have the 9800GT from ASUS on my 2nd computer. Brilliant card in my opinion.
The card should come with a DVI/VGA adapter, so you will have no problem with an old monitor.

xfx rocks! I have a 7600GT but performs like a champ !!! dvi D true digital all the way

Yeah you can do it. If its only got DVI, and you need to connect it to a VGA monitor, you can get an adapter for very cheap.

Most cards out at the minute come with either 2x DVI or one of each (a DVI and a VGA).

I have a 7600GT but performs like a champ

Somehow i doubt it. A lowly 8600 runs marginally better than a 7900, so i doubt a 7600 would compare well against current-gen cards.

it says "it says it runs like a champ" meaning i never had a problem wit the card at all..not comparing to todays 64 bit cards i do realize there much faster. now i do recall that the bfg graphics acellerator cards are to boost the graphics but i truly think its based on the cards without any extra boost..i mean lets look at the CRYSIS game ..with a true graphics card.. you will get true colors and sharp immages ... if its played on a 64- bit card with higher res and graphics , I don't think you can get any better of an image or graphics then that of the game itself

There is no such thing as a 64-bit card. Pci-Express has up to 32 bit lane width.