I have an Asus G1Sn laptop that is stock except for a CPU upgrade. Instead of the T5550 at 1.83 ghz (800 mhz FBS) I now have a T9500 at 2.6 ghz (800 mhz FSB). My problem is that when running a diagnostic program like CPUZ the processor is displayed at the correct amount but only runs to 1.2 ghz maximum. Even when I put a load on my computer such as playing a game or running background programs, the current state does not increase. My CPU sits a multiplier of 6 and refuses to change, it does not scale up or down according to any usage on the computer. I am plugged in, power settings have the processors maximal and minimal state at 100%. I have the most current BIOS for my motherboard and I am under the impression that SpeedStep is not installed on my board/OS. I have looked in the BIOS and have no availability to configure my CPU speed or any other processor related function. There is no SpeedStep or C1E information in my BIOS either. Any help would be appreciated, I have no idea why my laptop is scaling my CPU down and not increasing it. My laptop does not run hot, and it is clean of dust.

Also, after completion of the CPU upgrade my Windows Experience rating dropped from a 4.5 to a 4.4 despite the large performance gain that I should experience. (But, that I am unfortunately not experiencing due to my processor not scaling/running at proper speeds.)