I have an HP laptop that recently died, and actually this site really helped me out with that which is why i'm back.

Since i can't boot my laptop to backup my files, is there any way that i can take the HDDs out, stick them in an enclosure and back them out? HP is gonna fix it for free, but they're all going to restore it to factory settings, but i have a lot of things that i really need. Please help.

You can boot via USB stick. You can also boot via CD using ERD (you'll have to google for it). ERD has a similar interface like windows and it hosts some crucial tools to backup or repair the drive.

but, with the motherboard dead, and the computer un-boot-up-able to the point where when i hit power all that turns on are the HP lights along the keyboard, wouldn't that make the ERD useless?

Well, THAT you didn't say at first.

In that case, I don't think that HP ppl will mess with your HD if HD is not the source of problem and I doubt that they wouldn't back up the data on your request even if they were to revert the contents of HD to original state.

if you are concerned about your files, yes you can get an external enclosure and copy the files you want... of course you will need another computer to access the files and save them to.

I wouldn't guarantee you wont void your warranty doing that those - HP just love wriggling out of any warranty contracts at the slightest excuse (thus why this is HP-free zone here).

I'd consult HP as to whether or not you can either remove drive to copy off data, or whether they are prepared to transfer themselves (though I highly doubt it personally). Just make sure you get a reference number for any contacts made with HP's tech-support to cover your own butt.