hi all,

im definately NOT a techie, so PLEASE bear with me.

i have an older compaq armada model #1750.

when it starts, it only lashes the compaq name & then goes all greyish black.

a friend had been doing something with its bios & this helped for a while then one day i went to start up & outta nowhere i gaot the symptoms listed above.

any ideas ?

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At least your computer is booting to BIOS, but not booting the OS could be a number of problems. Stating that you are not a techie it will be hard to pinpoint the problem, you will have to explain the problem more clearly, or go into the BIOS and see if the boot order is correct and the hard drives are showing up.

Most people that post here are not a "techie" so don't worry about that.
But yes, please give more information about your problem and what your friend did in the BIOS.

Try hooking it up to another machine to see if it works. It could have nothing to do with your machine but have some bad caps in the power supply that don't let it send power to the backlight lamps correctly.

If you're not a "techie" you probably won't be interested in opening it up and replacing components on the board.

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