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I went over to work on my friends computer but I have a question now. This is not a big problem but one I have never seen before. It is an amd 64 with a 754 chaintech mb. It has the nvidia chipset. The keyboard is a multimedia logitech one.
Here is the question that I have. She has a pair of speakers w/sub and volume control on it hooked up. The volume control on the speaker setup controls the volume fine. The one on the keyboard does not. The main volume control on the icon in the tray does not control it. The only one on the computer that controls the level of the sound is the wave. Why is that. I have had many computers and never seen this. Also when I go to the section of the speakers setup and you go through the sounds of white noise I can never hear anything through that. So it can never set itself up. I can listen to music and hear everything else though. Can anything be done? I hope I explained myself clearly enough.

Have you tried reinstalling the software for the keyboard?