dell pc bios don't see secondary drive after every reboot

hi guys ,,i have a dell dimension 8200 dell pc 768 rdrm
bios version A09,xp pro sp3
i unplu pc to clean pc by inside...then when connected the problem started.i had the same problem like 2 years ago,forgot how to solve tat problem.
,,if i turn pc it boots normally,shutdown normally..
the problem is when i hit reboot,,i have
secondary hard disk drive 0 not found player drive D
secondary hard disk drive 1 not found ... dvd burner drive E

i try almost everything..unplug cables,swapped cables
-remove cmos battery then boot to windows,turn pc off,reinstall battery,,boot again....
same problem when i hit reboot...............
---could this be a virus?..i run avira =no infection..even in safe mode.

-i change from slave to master,and select switches..=NO..fix

so if there is anything i can tryplease let me know.
thanks in advance.

- Check the power cables. Try swapping them with ones that are plugged to optical drives (since they are apparently working OK)

- Check that your BIOS settings are set on auto-detection. Also make sure that all on-board IDE channels are enabled together with all extra options (UDMA data transfer, etc).

- Make sure that the drives are set as masters with slave present (some have different settings when slave-drive isn't present).

- Also try "cable select" settings.

yes i forgot to reply..yesterday i found out that it a was a faulty ide cable..replaced it and everything is ok now