I just decided to rebuild my PC but I'm having some issues. I tried 2 different motherboards and have the same problem.

Mobos - PC Chips M848ALU and ABit AN7
Memory - DDR 400MHz PC3200
Processor - XP3200
Graphics Card - Radeon 9800 AGP
400W PSU

When I boot the computer, it starts up fine to start with. I can access the bios as normal and all seems well. After the bios screen advances to where it should say LOADING WINDOWS XP, it freezes and never gets to the screen. Then if I restart, I get the WINDOWS NOT SHUT DOWN PROPERLY message and if I pick start normally or safe mode, both lock up right there. I also can't boot from CD. If I try to reinstall winXP I get an error at the blue setup screen saying it couldn't load a file. I also tried booting from PHLAK, my bootable linux disc, which also freezes and won't boot. Any suggestions?

Re: PC Rebuild won't boot 80 80

OK, so I found some extra memory and swapped it. I think that might have been part of the problem. Now my computer won't freeze when I pick start normal or in safe mode. Instead, now it just reboots after it loads for 3 seconds. Any Suggestions?

Re: PC Rebuild won't boot 80 80

If you change a motherboard you MUST reinstall XP

Re: PC Rebuild won't boot 80 80

Ok. So I switched out the motherboard and still had a few issues. Then I switched the memory with some other memory and that fixed my issue. Now I put that board in a different computer with known working parts and the computer won't even post now. Well, it worked for 2 days. Then today starded randomly rebooting and locking up on startup. So I reset the CMOS and now it won't even POST. If I hit the power button the monitor stays black but everything inside, fans, drives, etc..., turn on. I think it's the motherboard. I'm going to test the PSU with a multimeter, but I don't think that's the problem. That machine worked fine with the old mobo. I'd love to try that one back in it but don't have it anymore. I think the moral is don't buy a cheap motherboard even if it has some good reviews. Spend the extra money on and ABit. lol. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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