I have 2 2GB sticks of patriot ram that are DDR2 1066. I have been trying for a while now to have them run at 1066, but have failed. My MB automatically sets them at 800 whether its dual or single channel, ganged or unganged. When i attempt to manually change the settings in BIOS (Timings, Voltage, etc.), my computer never boots. I guess I am really just lost as to where to start, whether it should be running in dual or single channel, and if it should be ganged or unganged in the bios. I would appreciate the help in setting up my bios so this runs at its maximum speed.

according to Gigabyte's website "Whether 1066 MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used, please refer "Memory Support List" for memory support information. " i brought up that info from their site and it also says "Note: Due to AMD AM2+ CPU limitation, DDR2 1066 is only supported by 1 dimm per channel."

hope this helps.

Make certain that you have the memory sticks in the correct dimms for them to work in dual channel :). Usually, but not always, the same colour slots are the same channel.
If you do single tasking mostly, have the RAM ganged. Otherwise put them into unganged.
The following tells you how to install the two sticks on your board.

ok so I have the ram running in dual channel and I manually set the voltage to 2.1V. What is worrying me now though is that my motherboard temp is at 58 degrees C which i know is getting close to dangerously hot. Also it appears that my PSU's 5v rail is at 6.91v which from what i understand is bad too. I have a 500 watt power supply and have been worried for a while since putting in a new graphics card that there isn't enough power in the system. What should I do to fix these things

Try different software to check on the voltage. Can also get a multi meter and check the voltage at the pins.
A fan pointing at the mobo will help the temps. Make sure the heatsink is on correctly with thermal compound.