Hi all,

First of all, thanks for this great forum and I apologize ahead of time if this is maddeningly incomplete; I'm trying to work on a machine for a friend of mine.

So, here's the dealio: I was told in a very generic fashion that this Dimension 4500 would not boot. When I tried it myself, I was greeted with the boot options menu indicating the last boot was invalid, etc with the options to boot from Safe Mode, etc. If I select either Start Windows Normally or Boot From Last Known Good Configuration, I get a BSOD, but only for a second; I can't tell what is being reported. The machine immediately leaves that screen and gets to a flash of the OEM logo before going back to the Boot Options Menu. If I try any of the Safe Boot options, I get as far at agp440.sys before the system, again, goes back to the Boot Options Menu.

So, to recap, I can't tell what is being reported. The fans are working and the machine was dirty, but I've seen dirtier. Has anyone there experienced this? Can anyone suggest how I can get that BSOD message? I've actually considered trying to take a picture of the screen while it was booting.......

Thanks in advance.

I'm affraid that you would need to boot atleast in safe mode to make the necessary change, so your BSOD would remain on screen.
(My computer/Properties/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Automatically restart (uncheck it))

Giving from what you've posted, you either have:
a) wrong drivers installed
b) corrupt driver files
c) M/B malfunction
d) any combination from above

I suggest you try clean windows install if chkdsk doesn't remedy your problem. Make sure that all the BIOS settings are default. (No O/Cing)

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