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Hi aryeetey,

There are a lot of things that can slow down your PC. The first step to resolving your issues is to run a diagnostic test to discover what errors may be occurring and what can be fixed. Norton PC Check Up is a great free diagnostic tool. It is very easy to use, only takes about 10 minutes to run, and will provide you with helpful tips to speed up your machine. A link to the tool is provided below.

Norton PC Check Up

After the diagnostic test has run, the product will offer you some DIY steps to resolve any apparent issues found on your machine.

Additionally when soliciting help on a forum it is best to provide other posters with as much information as possible so that we can lend a hand, such as your PC’s specs and any additional information seemingly related to your computer issues.

I hope you find this information helpful.


Andrew Diaz
Norton Outreach
Symantec Corporation


Just download Glary Utilities and use the one-click maintenance to clean up your pc. The go in the modules tab and use start up manager to turn off everything at start up, except virus scanner. You want that running all the time.


another thing some thing run when the pc run. you can stop it what you not want. open run>msconfig. select the start up tab. from the list unchecked what not want to start when the pc start. other thing what you mean by run-- ram can fast your pc.


The startup module of Glary utilities does the exact same thing as MSCONFIG. That is why I recommend it all the time. It has a registry cleaner, startup manager, registry defrag, duplicate file eraser, and several other useful utilities all in one application.

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