Right i believe this is mainly to do with my Graphics Tablet, a Trust TB-3100.
My specs first off, this is a laptop remember, so i cant do anything about the motherboard, processor or PSU:
2.4Ghz AMD Turion 64x2
250Gb HDD
Vista Home Premium SP1
HP Pavilion DV9800 entertainment PC.

The first issue that i can't get my head around is that my laptop beeps. It makes one solid beep that lasts around half a second, while the screen is frozen. The laptop ignores mouse movements and key presses, but when i click the mouse button repeatidly it beeps at me.

Secondly my graphics tablet makes Vista VERY VERY slow. When i press Ctrl+Alt+Del, it shows me a black screen, and then 30 seconds later it shows me the menu where you can click Task manager, then after clicking Task Manager, it takes another 30 seconds to show the desktop again. How can this one device be causing all this hassle? And yes i am using the most up to date drivers, the one from the top of the list here : http://www.trust.com/products/product_detail.aspx?item=12579 :

Thirdly, it showed me a BSOD with the end Code C2, and BAD_POOL_CALLER, i am assuming that this is due to me pulling our the USB while vista was frozen thinking about the graphics tablet.

Please can you help me find an answer to this!


It sounds to me like an overheating issue. That would explain the un-responsiveness as well as the "complete freezing" the system experiences when it beeps at you.

It cant be overheating, seeing as i have a cooling pad underneth with 2 fans blowing cool air at it. So i doubt that overheating is the problem, also its not the USB port, seeing as they all work fine.