Hi, I'm not sure if I've posted this in the correct place...

I'm currently in the process of upgrading my PC. I am upgrading my motherboard and CPU.

My new motherboard is a XFX NFORCE 680I LT

My new processor is: Intel Quad Core Q6600

I'm not 100% sure what my PSU is, but from what I remember it is a Jeantech 650watt. I can't find anything written on it to say what model it is, but that's roughly what it is.

My question is, my motherboard strongly advises to use an 8 pin power connector for the CPU. It does say that it's possible to use a 4 pin, but strongly advises against it.

My PSU appears to have a 4 pin connector and a 6 pin connector. Is it possible to use the 6 pin connector? If not, will the 4 work ok for now? Could I use an adapter?

I hope this makes sense…

Thanks very much!

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i'm on jeantech's website now, and i don't see a 650 watt model... i do see a 600 watt model and it does come with a 6x connector. if yours is a modular model you should check the box and make sure you didn't miss anything... otherwise i'm sure you could get away with the 4 pin, but i would upgrade to a compatable psu ASAP.

Thanks, madoverclocker.

Sorry, I've found my model now! It's only a 500watt. (I'm sure it was a 650! lol)
It was hard to get to the sticker as I had to take the top off my case... would have been quicker just to remove the PSU!

Anyway I'm giving it a go with the 4 pin and my computer boots, however when it gets to the windows start-up it goes blank and turns off.

I'm going to reinstall Windows and see how I get on.

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