About a month ago I put together a PC. The system consists of an MSI 8N Platinum MB, AMD 64 3200 CPU, ABIT (ASEUS) Vid card, 1GB RAM, ATEC 480 watt power supply, and WD SATA HD. It worked great until yesterday. I was converting a CD to MP3 files in iTunes when the computer froze. The mouse moved but I was not able to click on anything, nor was I able to shut down the machine with the infamous CTL<ALT<DEL. I ended up holding down the power buton to get the machine to turn off.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the computer to boot since. I hear the HD spinning for about 3-5 sec and then the computer beeps --- then nothing. The monitor never receives a signal so it does not turn on. The LEDs supplied with the MB indicates that it is on the BIOS sign up, but then does not continue with the light sequence. It just pauses on the BIOS sign on.

Any takers? All help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea where to begin.

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