I have a E machines W2040 AMD xp, when it was given to me it wouldn't power up at all. After cleaning and replacing the power supply i had high hopes. now it powers up but no video, i installing a video card and even tried a driffent screen, still the same thing. All the lights, fans, cdrom all seem to work. I've tried f8, esc, & del at boot hoping for somthing. Theres no beeps or anything. my screen just says check cables. I can hold the power button to shut it off but it seems like it just goes into sleep mode or something the light on my mouse stays on until i unplug the power cord. Currently the only thing pluged in is the HHD, keyboard & mouse, and the screen. Please help

if it were the RAM, it would beep. it sounds like the video, all right.

check something:

in some bios, you can set them to boot to either the native vga port, a pci card, or an agp card. I don't know if this is so in your case, but get in there (I think you might know how, but if not, let me know and I will explain it) and have a hunt around for it. it might not be there, but it might be.

have you checked the cables? to the monitor? they might not be working? have you tested the monitor on another PC recently? have you tested the gpx card, also? silly questions, but it pays to check these things FIRST...