I am runnong Intel with a Pentium 4 cpu 2.40GHz with 2 GB of Ram and recently had a problem that once fixed suddenly I have a whole new group of problems. If I boot my computer up with my Portable HD connected to the USB it tells me Invalid Partition Table. If my MP3 Player is attached to USB it freezes on the brief black screen just before the Windows XP screen. It Also Random reboots with no warning and in the power managment in BIOS It says I am running my 3.3 V Voltage at 2.86-2.94 and is in the red. I can plug my USB devices back in after it reaches the Windows XP Screen, and for now I am running an indepenant fan into the Case to lower the temp. I am thinking the crash and Voltage problems may be power supply but not sure. No Idea on the USB problems. So tired of it rebooting randomly. I don't so much mind the USB Problem since I have a work around but I would love any advice you could give me.

if the voltage show red in the bios it means there is insufficient power going to that particular device(in your case i think its the cpu). this could cause that device to malfunction and shorten the life span of the device and causes unexpected behavior. pentium 4 is very old and if u never changed your power supply at all then i suggest u do so. but if u dont think its the power supply then u could borrow it from a frien and test it first.