I was using my Dell Computer that is about 3 years old yesterday. I walked away and when I came back I Pushed enter to wake the computer up and the fan starting running hard and loud. Then it was followed by 2 short beeps then paused then 2 beeps over and over. The computer would not boot up and there was nothing on the screen.
Does any one know what I could do? I did have vurus protection. I found it stranged it just happend so fast. I had a computer that did this before, however, I forget what the remedy was. I really don't have money right now to get it repaired. Please let me know if any one may have a solution.

Thank You, Cristiann

usually a 2 beeps like this would means there is something wrong with either ram or the vga card but the this depends on the bios and the motherboard brand you are using. i hav had this problem once or twice. try reseating the ram and the vga card. if this doesnt work then just clear the bios. if this doesnt work as well then jus reseat the cpu. if this doesnt work as well then jus remove everything unnecessary for booting process like hdd cd rom dvd rom sound card and all leave only ram, cpu, vga card or if there is an onboard vga remove the vga card as well also if u hav two rams try one at a time. hope this helps. tell me if it does.