I have some problems with usb all of my folders are manipulated i found this is due to usb virus, i want to know the perfect usb scanner which avoids this kind of virus. Yesterday i cleaned up the whole operating system.

Hi, I'm assuming you mean a virus infected your PC from a USB device.

1. Prevention
If that's so, one common means is from Autorun, introduced in Windows XP.

The most basic means of protection is to disable Autorun completely.

Just search 'disable autorun' and find instructions suitable for your OS. There are also various 3rd party tweak tools that will do this for you.

A convenient means is provided here:

Alternatively, you may prefer to dsiable it selectively, retaining it for CDs, DVDs, say.

2. Scan.
Well, I guess here you mean 'what's a good AV program'?
Avira AV has a high detection rate, the manual scan is a bit awkward to set up if you wanted to scan a particular drive. It does produce some false positives. MS Security Essentials is worth a look.

Hope that helps.

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I agree, but for the AV, I like my system.

I use Avira free and Comodo Firewall, Avira free does have an ad and I will post my script that blocks them later.

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