My problem is as follows:
Ive received an old computer from a friend p3 500mhz 192mb 30gb hdd, so i thought about making a partition for windows 15gb and a partition for a linux distro. Im familiar with both operating systems pretty well and havent had a problem installing either of them. I started installing windows 2000 and it was all fine until there appeared to be no keyboard support when setting up the network. I thought this was weird and just tried a few different keyboards or thought it was a bios problem, no luck. I tried reinstalling win2000, but same thing. So i thought maybe its just a bug or somethin so i tried installing winxp. But once again same thing occurred. What can be the problem, ive narrowed it down to just the crappy bios or bad mobo. Keyboard support does work with bios and parts of windows installation but not after that. THANKS!

Hi serenh,
don't have enough details from what you describe..but you can start troubleshooting & narrowing down the possible hardware problems at my website. Just start at THE BEGINNERS troubleshooting charts. Don't skip aroun.. start at the beginning & work your way thru.
If you don't find the problem.... then post back with more info & a step by step description of what you did.. what the computer did(or didn't do) ...etc.
Hope this helps