Hi all,

I was wondering how safe it is to exceed the
recommended refresh rates on a monitor?
I currently have a Viewsonic G220fb with
an NVidia Ti4200 card, and overriding the
refresh rate of 75hz to 100hz (at 1280x1024) via the
Nvidia control panel.

I'm finding that 100hz is worlds apart
from 75hz, or even 85hz in
terms of eyestrain. Therefore, even if the new refresh
rate takes half a year off the life of the monitor,
it'll be well worth it. However, if it's any more than
that, I'll have to consider bumping it back down.
Thanks in advance guys

There shouldnt be a problem if you boost it up. If you go too high your monitor will go out of range but wont be damaged. 100mhz is good.

I dont know about the lifetime part though but monitors last long if you take care of them. I've had a monitor for almost 10 years before I sold it and it was still in mint condition. Even if it would last a year less, it wouldnt make a big difference.

I must be weird, but I have problems with high refresh rates :)

But I cannot advise setting the refresh rate higher than what the manufature told you to have it set at.

I must be weird, but I have problems with high refresh rates :)

At a certain point the human eye cant see much of a difference so its almost useless to set it too high. I cant see much difference between 80 and 100...