My computer has crashed again!! (for the 3rd time!!) and it says "BOOT DISK ERROR PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK" which I have done...Windows XP....Now its sayin it cant set it up,as it cant find the drivers!!! me PLEASE! I'm gonna throw it thru the window soon ! If anyone can help me,I would eternally be grateful to you,if you can explain in simple terms what i need to do,as im not "technically" sound with computers...sorry

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Try resetting the bios first (as long as you are not running raid?). Do that by moving the cmos jumper, or the cmos battery. Make sure there is no power to the system first.
Once you have done that, go back in to the bios and set the optical drive as first boot and try again.

Good Suggest crunchie Hope It Will Works For Him.

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