i was wondering if i have a motherboard which supports 4gb of ddr2 memory with 4 slots(1gb each slot) and i put a 2gb ram into one of these slot what will happen? will it boot up? will it detect only 1gb?

another question i have a computer with asus p5b-mx and my speaker suddenly stops working one side so i thought it was the speaker and i bought a new one tested it at the shop, fully working, came back home plug it in and the result was that only one side was working. Could this be an onboard sound hardware problem?

If i buy a new sound card would it fix this problem?
really neec a quick reply

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4 the ram i didn't reccomend u 2 put an 2gb ram in a 1gb slot....

and 4 sound card try 1st to update ur driver and then it's ur choice if change or not the sound card...hope isn't from motherboard something..

With 2gb ram for each, you can put two ram to two slot. I recommend that you just use with same support of motherboard. Because if you add more, it just count as 4G, it's very waste your time and money.

For sound card onboard, first you can update your latest driver. Second, check it some service has started. If not, just buy new external sound card and plug it into your mainboard. It will work.

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