My computer recently went dead and i took it to best buy and the geek squad said the problem is my motherboard which they wont help me out with. I dont know much about motherboard and compatibility so can someone help me out with recommending a new motherboard for my computer.

I had a (sckt939)MSI k8n neo4-f nforce4 chipset sata Raid PCI-e w/gblan, usb2.0 and 7.1 audio. my cpu is a (939-pin) AMD athlon64 3000+ cpu w/hypertransport technology. The mother board doesn't have to be anything great, i dont do to much with my computer other than surfing the web. So if someone can suggest a new motherboard hopefully for under $100 bucks, i would really appreciate it. If you need to know any other information just ask and i will get back to you asap!

thanks in advance.

I'm not really up on socket 939 boards, my last AMD board was a SocketA which was a loooong time ago. So take my advice with a grain of salt :)

I'd be inclined to stick with MSI's K8N range, though finding them these days may be difficult.

The K8N Diamond looks like a pretty good board, but I have no idea of the price these days and it's probably overkill for what you want. Started out fairly expensive but may be reasonable now.

Another neo4-f would work ;)