Hey everyone, building a new system here w/ a 3.4Ghz P4, ASRock 775i65Gv MoBo, 1Gig of Pc-3200 Ram, 450 Watt Rosewill Power Supply. My question is, why does the machine shut off 3 seconds after it turns on? I can press F2 to go into setup, and I can tell it responds because it says entering setup, but shuts off immediately. No beeps, nothing. Do I have a bad MoBo?

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Is your wire for power switch installed the wrong way??

If the heat sink isnt seated your CPU can overheat that quickly...

Well, its not the wire for the power switch. But I'm thinking it may be that the heatsink is not set properly. Problem is, I am using the OEM heatsink from Intel that came with the P4 550 3.4Ghz proc and it doesnt seem to want to "click" into place. One side will lock in but the other side doesnt seem to want to. Anyone had experience w/ these heatsinks w/ the 4 mouting studs that "unscrew".

Also the wire for the power light has a connector with 3 female openings when the mobo calls for one with 2? There are only 2 pins for the Power light wire on my mobo and I cant connect it properly. Any suggestions?

Could it be possible that I bought a mobo with an incompatible chipset? This one has a Intel 865GV chipset. Which chipset is recommended for this processor? Thanks alot guys.

I recently bought a P4 650 and also had problem snapping it in. I did not want to force it too much but after a while I finally did it. You need to make sure the mounts arent tightened before snapping them in (refer to the instructions to know which way to turn them).

I also had a similar problem. The computer started and shut off except for fans, drives. I was worried that the mobo wasnt good cuz I had heard no beep. I then booted again and heard the beep but it was hard to hear. I plugged in some speakers in the mobos audio input knowing that some mobos give sound messages at boot up and pressed power... It said system failed due to cpu overclocking but it was new and I changed no settings.

Anyway, I found a way to install windows after that. Check if your mobo "speaks".

Your mobo is compatible with your P4 550.

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