There isn’t a category for Backup/Restore and this seemed like the most logical place for this and if it isn’t then please accept my sincerest apologies.
So basically, I upgraded Windows 7 to Ultimate x64bit and I want to make a recovery disk of the entire system, much like Acer’s “Factory Default” in their Acer eRecovery Management program to disks, but I don’t think if I simply made one of those out of that program that it would carry over the 7 Ultimate upgrade and all relevant information (e.g. activation key and applicable registry entries) as that isn’t the same OS version it came preloaded with. So, how can I achieve this by alternative means?
What I really want this for, is in case I ever needed to restore the system for whatever reason, that the 7 Ultimate will be there already and not need to be reactivated. I don’t want to have to do this more than once, and it’s not required to have to reactivate off of a “Factory Default” disk restore.

As always, any help and information is greatly appreciated!

Look into BartPE. It will let you make a windows installation using your current configuration.

you can do it with win7,go to start /control panel ,then click on back up and restore ,you get 2 option make repair disk or restore disk