yesterday the cptr remained consecutively ON for quite sometime. at ni while a lvl of farcry(game) was loading up, the cptr froze. ctrl, alt del were ineffective and i had to pull the pwr switch. after few secs i restarted but it froze again during disk scanning(which happens after every time the win is swithed off improperly). i gave it a cold reboot(unplugged the pwr supply) after 5-10 min and the cptr started up normal only to freeze again while the same lvl was being loaded in farcry. (this has happened to me first time and im playing games with the same graphics card and cpu for quite sometime now. i thought that its just happening in the game but it froze again during normal win application(no gaming). then today again it froze...........it stays on for quite some time after a long break(few hours) of cold/ normal restart. i think something is wrong with my op sys or ram or i dunno!!!! and yes, ive not oc ANYTHING! maybe when something gets hotter than it should be the sys freezes!!! dunno! ive formatted the os drive as well; but same problem.
my specs
intel 3.0ht
intel 82865 gbf mobo
1x512 kingston value ram
80gb sata(hot.......maybe summers)
ati radeon 9600xt(no comments plz) :)
300 watt psu

P.S. if i keep the side panel open and lay the cpu on a side then its working just fine. it may seem to be a heating problem but the cpu at times(under normal conditions....side panel on) blacks out/ freezez just after 10 min. psu gets real hot. the casing has a side vent(recommended for ht processors). room temp would be around 30-35 deg celcius

thanx for reading this long post

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sounds like a heating problem but may that also have caused some damage to the MB.
Mabye the PCB on one of your cards MB or ATI most likely is suffering from circuit fatigue from all that over heating hence why the orientation of your computer may be flexing the PCB's enough to function properly. Or as you said that could also be just a heating problem.

thanx! how to identify whether its a mobo or a gpu PCB(whatever that is)? and can it be repaired or the complete unit will have to be replaced? how to ascertain that its only a heating problem and not a PCB problem?

thanx again for ur time

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