i have a friends pc with xp pro x64 on it .and my friend tried to repair with an xp home cd ,now when i bootup it loads the win xp logo and after that it says starting up xp pro and it just hangs there and keyboard turns off and doesnt do anything.is there anyway to get my xp pro back i have heaps of photos that i dont want to loose on my hard drive please can anyone help.

You system is stuck in a loop. XP home drivers DO NOT mix with drivers for XP Pro. Secondly x64 drivers do not mix with x86 drivers.
The OS presently on the drive will have to be replaced with a fresh install.
To get your personal data files, pix, etc. slave the drive to a up and running system. Copy to a CD or DVD disc.

hi thanks 4 that i will do what u said and slave the drive to my other pc does it matter if that pc is running just xp home ,the one i will be slaving my drive too that is thanks

It shouldn't matter as long as you boot from the operating system installed on the other PC (meaning the primary hard drive on the machine working). You can transfer the files to an external hard drive as well if you have one.

Just to mention, you could have used a Linux live CD to backup the photos to an external hard drive.

AS mentioned above you should have used the XP Pro x64 CD to repair the OS.

thanks 4 this just been very busy sorry 4 not getting back to you guys just this pc is worrying me .ok i will try this today so i can not use the recovery console on the xp pro cd to get things back working .

hi slave my drive can save photos now thanks but can i do anything in the recovery console on the xp pro cd thanks

The OEM disc is pretty much out of the question as far as recovery console is concerned. Far too many files to be replaced and a massive editing of the registry would make that time and effort prohibitive. Be glad you got your files and after that, partition and format the disk.

hi yeah i will just reinstall much easier i am lucky to have the photos back from my hard drive .anyway thanks too all the guys that help me out.THANKS HEAPS GUYS.