First of all, I sincerely hope I have posted this in the appropriate forum. I did read the rules and am doing my best to follow them.

I found this website years back when my browser was being redirected to and here I found help in removing "unwanted" files, etc. that would cause problems with the performance of my pc.

I have had my hard drive completely stripped and everything reinstalled a few times before, to the point that I now the capabilities of my computer when it comes to it's speed in all areas (windows, browser, programs, etc.) So now, when my computer works as slowly as it is now and "locks up" as often as it does, I'm all but positive that it is highly "infected." With what I don't know but I was hoping this would be a good place to either post a HiJack This log so that I can be directed as to what files should be deleted or instructed in some other good way to clean off my computer without stripping it of everything including it's operating system and starting all over again with programs, etc.

I can't tell you how much I would appreciate this as I use my computer daily for my work (and pleasure) and I can't take it any more! :)

Thank you all,


I'm aware that Hijack This logs are used but I've not seen one used at this site. While it might be that you're "infected" it's possible that you either have too many apps. running (at startup) or you've installed some alledgedly "free" apps. that really aren't, or both.

Hello, Jessica! I'm from Brazil, so pardon me if you don't understand everything I will write down here!!!! I think I could help you by overviewing your HijackThis log, but first I should warn you that this is not everything that have to be done, since it won't show many of the issues with your computer, like services and other ways to start a (malicious) program. You also should take a look at Windows\System32 (syswow64) folder, and always be aware of what files are being stored there (I suppose you are running Windows. It would be useful to know what version, like XP, Vista or 7, 32 or 64 bits). In spite of doing anything, you should download, install and run MALWAREBYTES ANTIMALWARE, and try to change your antivirus program. For example, if your computer is running Avast, try to change to Avira or some other free program, just to try to remove the installed malware in the computer. Well, depending on the level of infections, it is indeed the best choice to reinstall everything, since the time you spend looking for intruders isn't worth, and you cannot be sure that everything will be fixed! But, let us know what HijackThis will show! Regards!

I see the post is old already but I am sure info remains relevant so I wanted to add something: I absolutely agree with Smartx21 regarding MALWAREBYTES. I used it and it worked excelently - one can get it for free online. In addition, I used CCleaner. After having used these two, my computer started working very faster.

Yes, bibiki, good idea!
I always do the same, with good results.
But don't know why, sometimes I have some problems with Ccleaner, so I prefer to apply Registry Mechanic, from PCTools, and repair everything without reviewing items that have been found.

I have only recently used CCleaner and never used any other such software. it worked fine the two times I used it. however, you seem to be more experienced and I'm sure you'd know better. Knowing that people have difficulties to know what to believe and what not to believe online, I decided to add credibiilty to the advice you gave to Jessica!

kind regards!