All drives in the DiamondMax Plus 8 series are listed below:

6E020L0 (20Gb)
6E030L0 (30Gb)
6E040L0 (40Gb)

Identification: A slimline IDE hard drive with a shiny metallic top and a white Maxtor label in the centre. The "DiamondMax Plus 8" label can be found a third of the way down on the left hand side, whilst the model number will be further down to the left of the first bar code. All DiamondMax Plus 8 models start with the digits "6E0"

1. When the computer is powered on the BIOS will identify the drive as MAXTOR N40P
2. When the computer is powered on the BIOS will fail to identify the drive
3. When the computer is powered on it will fail to start and a knocking noise (produced by the hard disk) will be heard

Cause: DiamondMax Plus 8 drives that are recognised as "MAXTOR N40P" in the BIOS have often sustained damage to their firmware zone.

I think you are answering your own question...

One of the reasons they dropped warantee from 3 years to 1 without paying an additional fee.

There are some nasty virus's out there that can wipe out your hard drive faster than you can hit reset.

Although I am not saying you have a virus, and I am not saying you are one to download programs,hacks and cracks from the internet. But if you do and are not careful bad things can happen.

I record music and have 8 maxtor hard drives. All have failed within 3 months. Not complete death, after formatting they come back to life. I've noticed they overheat frequently, I gutted one that had failed (one touch external) and the white grease was completely burnt. Not only that, but the warranty was void if the external were opened. Sorry, but warranty doesn't get my guitar track back! One the hard drive, it turns out the drive warranty had actually expired before I had even purchased it!

I then mounted an old power supply fan hoping to correct the overheating, instead it became a slow death. Directories become corrupt and finally after a restart it crapped out. Running a maxtor as a master for the OS however was a different story. Only 1 failure in 1 year. The only thing that followed the pattern of failure was the maxtor drive as a secondary and large files.

This occured on the diamondbacks also.