I have had an IBM Ispirati A10i since winter of 2001 and it has really been having problems the last while. I've noticed that alot of the time, it will make all these clicking sounds like the fan is kind of jolting and then after doing that for a few seconds it will just die most of the time and then the computer restarts. Sometimes when it tries to restart it will say "Error while booting please insert system disk" or something like that, and then i will have to keep turning it on and off until it finally works. Please help me it gets really frustrating!

Thank you

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Hi Cdot,
from what you describe.. If the fan your refering to is the fan on the PSU (powersupply).. it sounds like the PSU is failing. BEFORE YOU RUN OUT & GET A NEW ONE.. troubleshoot your system using the flowcharts at my website.
Do some basic troubleshooting & post back with the results If you need more help


Hi Cdot...in your description you state, "after a doing that for a few seconds it will just die", are you referring to the fan or the computer?

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