I had no sound in my Dell 4100 after upgrading from ME to XP SP2 and could not figure it out for 6 months. Finally after no one could help on any forum I got mad enough to go back into Device Manager and way below the drivers etc there was a Yellow Exclamation next to something in there, well I deleted that and allowed the MICROSOFT KERNEL AUDIO SPLITTER to load, against all dire warnings, and the sound worked fine. The familiar start up sound you can hear actually was coming from the internal modem speaker, just like when someone rings you on Yahoo Messenger you can hear that, even though it is not through your speakers but the internal modem speaker. That gave me hope that the sound card was working, so I was able to fix this problem. It is not the bios, not the muting, not the drivers, not the sound card, not the motherboard, but needs the MICROSOFT KERNEL AUDIO SPLITTER. Whew, finally I have sound again, but my HP7350 does not work as there is no driver I have found for that for XP! Any ideas on the printer?

Need to Install Driver of Sound card in windows XP.

adairace, if u had read the whole post, u would realise that chiminey had already solved the sound problem. it's the HP printer driver that's required. Just follow the HP link in my previous post.

PS the original post about sound is misleading