i just got a dell d600, the thing is that there is a bios configuration password on it . it can bootup to windows alright but i cant change any thing in the bios setup. it is really anonying as it is making the system perform very poorly.
i have contacted dell but they have declined to help cos i am not the original owner of the machine, i don't know the original owner and i sure did not steal it, i bought it at a second hand computers shop, i do not live in the USA, if not i would have personally taken it to the dell office.
pls if any one has a solution let me knope thanks

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hi ,you need to take laptop apart to remove the onboard bios battery for a few hrs and then reconnect ,this should reset bios to the defaults ,before someone put a bios password in

A. By Using the Motherboard Jumper:

In most motherboards CMOS battery is soldered,

really ,thats not been my experience and i have had my hands on hundreds [motherboard]of them over the years

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