SCSI (Yamaha 2260t), & Buslogic BA80C30 Multimaster - Jumper settings? - Hey guys & gals, I need to instal this SCSI CD Burner and I have no knowledge of SCSI. What do I do to instal this item. And, finally where can i go to learn about these type of devices on the web? Frustrated and out of time. :cool:


SCSI is an older bus technology, and was often used in Macintosh computers, along with many internal forms of file servers. SCSI devices have ID numbers assigned to them (usually by jumper or a dial selector switch), and you also have to keep in mind termination factors.

Most standard PC's do not include a SCSI interface on the motherboard, so you will need to install an adapter card into your computer. Adaptec makes a lot of these devices: check out their website for more information.

You will hear the word Terminator with SCSI. A SCSI bus has to be terminated, or it will not function properly. Think of a SCSI bus as a string of Christmas lights. The ending light-bulbs need to have terminators if they have more than one device in the bus.

So, if you are going to have two devices inside your machine (such as a CD-ROM and a tape drive), then the furthest one physically connected on the cable has to be terminated (usually a jumper setting).

Each SCSI device, including the adapter, needs to have a unique ID. ID's that are set by jumpers are counted in BINARY. You will often see 3 jumpers. Think of three binary bits 111 or
101 or 010 and the like (a 1 is a connected jumper). Make sure they are all unique.



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