Hi guys, this is my first thread and partly the reason why i joined up on this awesomely helpful website. I am alright with computers but not to the extent where i could build one from scratch so here's the deal.

I am looking at a new computer and i really want to go custom built so i know i can upgrade it later on if need be. I want it to run really nicely but I'm not looking at a massive processor like the (i7) because i don't want to pay $1700 for something I'm not going to use fully. I will definitely be using it for multiple things like gaming and downloading stuff but i also want to use it to aid me in designing games and possibly even editing vids and stuff like that.

My budget is about $3,000 give or take a few hundred so if anyone could give me some advice on what i should be searching for i would much appreciate it.

Thank you All, TeKnoPath.

PS: i wasn't really sure if this was the right place to put this thread so if it is possible to move it or anything like that i would have no problems with doing that, thank you.