I'm having problems with 2 USB ports. This has only been happening since Windows ME crashed and I had to install Windows XP. I had all the cords unplugged and had plugged in another computer while I was waiting for some software in the mail. Then I plugged all the cords back into the first computer. While I was first using the internet after reinstalling, I kept losing the connection and I would get the error page "This page cannot be displayed." If I pulled the cord out and plugged it right back in it would fix the problem, but it kept happening so often that I plugged the cord into the second USB port. It now is happening less frequently but I'm still having problems. I plugged a flash drive into the first port and then I began to wonder if the port was loose because the drive wouldn't light up unless I wiggled it just right. Now I wonder if both ports are loose. Does anyone have a clue what's happening?

yes that is a typical problem with USB ports. Any skillled tech can disassemble the board and 'reflow' the solder. Ask them to use Flux when reflowing, don't settle for the excuse 'there is flux in the core of the solder'
Should be a 40-45w iron and Lead Free solder or Silver Bearing.

I have a laptop and it says I have a usb port that is not reconized and it said to delete it and restart it and it would fix it's self I did that and then it said i had new hardware but it didn't fix it. It don't seem to affect anything but it just makes a sound that drives me crazy. Any suggestions? Thanks, Renea

That sound you are hearing, may the poor electrical contact arcing (eating away at) the copper contacts. It will never fix itself, so the only thing you can do is to get it repaired, before the USB port and/or Motherboard are beyond repair.

just a suggestion