I am totally screwed up people. Yesterday i don't know what happened suddenly to my PC that i was surfing a random site and suddenly my screen crashed. I am on a 1024x768 resolution since 6-7 yrs. on my same monitor. I tried restarting it was working nicely until the windows start up screen comes after that it crashes again. I was into pieces. :(
I tried safe mode it was working good. Again i restarted in the normal mode but to no use. The monitor again crashed at the same stage. I thought it might have been some virus attack so i formatted by windows drive. Re-installed XP. No drivers at present. XP loaded completely. Was happy. Installed ESET NOD32. Ran a complete scan. Found 2-3 spy-wares. Then installed my VGA drivers that i use every time since 6-7 yrs. Re-started. WT* the same thing the monitor crashed again. :( :(
So uninstalled the drivers from safe mode.
Installed VGA drivers in normal mode and setup the screen to 800x600 with 32 bit color.
It restarted perfectly except the screen resolution. So from all this i make out that my Monitor is no more supporting 1024x768 resolution.
Can anyone help me with this..?
Which all reports do i need to provide..?
At present I've attached my current resolution pic..

I'll provide all the tit-bit info anyone needs for this.. :(

Thnx guys..

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Try lower refresh rate at advanced - monitor option. Usually 60 Hz will do

@Ali.Ayam Hey tried doing it..But still the same thing...It crashes at the log on screen..! :(
Anyways thnx for ur reply mate..! :)

can you try a different monitor...just to make sure its not the monitor...
what are your system specs...
make and model of computer

@happyrock Dude i tried changing the resolution yesterday n its worked properly..Now i am on 1024x768 resolution..But my Monitor screen has started Flickering.. I dont know how come it started working back to normal.. o_O . .

Thnx for ya help mate..!! :)

your welcome...and thanks for letting us know...

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