Hello, I just bought a new Pioneer DVR-109 Burner and fully reinstalled my computer.
I see the Dvd Burner in the Bios but not in windows (XP Pro SP2) and either in the Device Manager (their is no CDROM or DVD Device section !!!!)
And the strange thing is that if I start windows in Safe mode it works !!! I tried many things and hope you will have an idea...
It's a P4 - 3.3 Ghz / P4P800 motherboard / 2 IDE HD + 1 Pioneer dvr-109 Burner

Have you tried troubleshooting it in add/remove hardware?

Yep, didn't find anything either. and anyway you cannot add manually a cdrom in windows.

Okay I found the problem !!!! It was so stupid !!!!
The IDE Cable wasn t the good one , there are many different cables and that one didn t work with my burner

Thanks anyway

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