I have and still use daily an old Dell C640 with a UXGA (1600x1200) screen that still serves my needs. However the screen starts off reddish when cold but within a minute or two it brightens to its good old self. This has been getting worse very slowly but suggests it will stop working some time soon.

My question is do I have to change both the screen and inverter or just one or the other elements to get back to new status?

Appreciate any help.


inverter? what does an inverter have to do with anything? Does the inverter not work? I cannot see why you would need to change the inverter?

I am assuming You are talking about a UPS device and referring it to as an inverter...

No! I have disassembled my laptop to see what the LCD screen components were etc. The screen requires an "inverter" card to drive the signal to the LCD screen. It is usually long and narrow and carries high-voltage warning stickers and therefore usually has shielding on it and mounted close to and behind the LCD screen itself. When search ebay for a replacement LCD screen I often came across replacement inverter cards. This suggests to me, although as yet I have not had any confirmation, that it may also be these inverter cards that become faulty rather than the screen itself. Hope this helps to explain my original question.

O I didn't realize you were talking about a laptop.

I guess you should.