I recently had a home server go down that was running a raid 0 array. The motherboard went out and my backup isn't current. Is the array recoverable? There are a few articles out there that discuss array migration, in this case would I be looking at essentially a array migration? So long as the new motherboard has a controller that is capable of seeing the array should a Window's Repair do the trick? If not does anyone have a suggestion as to what else I can try? Thanks in advance.

If the motherboard has the same controller it might recognize it, but raid arrays can be temperamental in situations like this. There are programs that can supposedly recompile a broken raid array, but I've never tried them personally.

The last post is correct. If the array was working off of a separate controller card then move the card with the drives. IF not you will need to find a motherboard with the same RAID chip set as your dead system and if possible the same BIOS version. RAID 0 means that the data is spread across the disks so you have to have both of themto get to the data.

If it is not a separate controller card and you can't find a matching board you might want to look into R-studio for the recovery. It has options for identifying the two drives without the RAID controller and re-aligning them for recovery.