hello guys! i'm having some trouble figuring out which one of these lcds should i get: first model is an HP 2010i and the second one is ASUS VH222H-P (both from http://hpcheap.com/store/ ).Now the second one is a little bit more expensive than the first one,but the first one is from Hp(which is a well known brand) unlike the other one of which few people heard about.Any ideas you guys? thanks!

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Hi theditza

Your not quite comparing the same thing. The Asus is a 22 inch model and has full HD movie resolution (1920x1080)

The HP is 20 inch and has only 1600x900 pixels. In the advertising you'll probably see the phrase "HD Ready". Thats a euphemism for "NOT REALLY HD"

Everyone who knows the insides of computers knows of ASUS. They are best known for their excellent motherboards, but they also make graphics cards, laptops, monitors etc.

I would go for the Full HD (or better)
Think of this model as an entry level Full HD monitor.


I suggest you to buy ASUS VH222H-P monitor.it has all the basic inputs that are expected. HDMI looks great, but no sound, which was expected. The stand is ok, and does not let the monitor wobble around. Games look great.

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