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So here's my problem. I recently updated my BIOS on my notebook (Toshiba Satellite L450D-113, to be exact) to V1.2 so the recovery would work. But the flash went bad, and now the system will not boot. How can I reflash the BIOS?

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If you turn off your PC during the BIOS upgrade process – whether this was done on purpose or by accident –, you will probably corrupt the BIOS chip, “killing” your motherboard. It won’t turn on anymore.

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AHHH! Thanks! Now I need a new mobo?

1. According to Toshiba (UK) there are two closely related models with the same designation: L450D

PSLY5E and PSLYEE. The latter has no BIOS update. Hopefully you do not own this model and have installed the BIOS for the other model. If you have then you probably bricked it. Call Toshiba and see if they can provide the original BIOS in a DOS flash package. If you don't have an external/internal floppy (who does), look up the procedure for bootable CD-R or USB flashing BIOS using a DOS flash. Toshiba may actually have a procedure.

2. If this was the correct model, and a Win flash install, and they don't have a DOS flash program included in the BIOS zipfile, call Toshiba and inquire if they can provide one. If they did include a DOS flash then try that to reflash the BIOS. I have recovered bad flashes before doing this.

3. Complications...depends upon what drive/port boot order is set in the BIOS. You may have to remove the HDD to get it to seek up the other drives.

4. Call Toshiba for advice. You can try their support forums as well.