I have been away for a while. When I came back I had my PC with WIndows XP pro refitted with 320 Gb .My old monitor worked fine. Then for some reason, the stereo spekers inside the monitor do not produce any sounds. HAve installed the monitor driver from the CD.

When I got back my PC the sounds system says it has Sound MAX 0. IS this the problem? The monitor does not emit any sound at all.
I have looked at all sorts od possibilities in the SOUND DEVICES from XP. to no avail. Chekced Philips website also...Nothing.

Any idea anyone of what it might be.I do not want to buy speakers at this stage.
Thanks in advance to all

Is the cable for sound connected to the monitor?
Have you tried using any headphones or other speakers?

Hey, thks for taking the time.

I did not know there was a sound cable to start with.

Second, I have a pair of logitech Speakers, when plugged in worked no problems when connected to the sound outlet on the PC

The headset does work when using Skype via USB to the computer not the monitor.

Hence, it seems that I do not know how the monitor Stereo speakers can work and that is what I would like to understand and solve.
Also there is a volume control on the monitor.

You should have a cable that will connect the monitor speakers with your PC. The cable is usually a light pale green. Connect the monitor by pluging one end into the monitor and the other into the PC; the socket should also be a light pale green at the back of the computer.

Both ends of this cable should be the same, and the ends should look the same as the one from the speakers.

Monitor <<- cable ->> PC

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